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#107 Rachel Kindt Interview

Dr. Rachel Kindt has a PhD in Biology and has 20+ years of experience in the Biotech and Pharma world. In today's episode she talks about project management and her career path starting as a bench scientist to becoming a leader in project management.

Published onMar 11, 2022
#107 Rachel Kindt Interview

In this episode, Tina Persson interviews Rachel Kindt. After a PhD in Biology and a postdoctoral fellowship, Rachel dove headfirst into the biotech world, working her way from the lab bench to the corporate boardroom over her 20+ year career. Leveraging her scientific training and acquired - some might say improvised! - business savvy, she led drug development teams and built high-performing organizations. Rachel is known as a master facilitator, dedicated coach and mentor, and keen thought partner in scientific leadership. She is now coaching, consulting and co-authoring a book of career advice for scientists.

Rachel tells us about her exciting journey and career path that took her from a bench scientist, to leading a research collaboration, to being a leader and project manager in drug development. 

Project management is a focus topic in this interview. What is a project manager? What are the skills required for a project manager role? How to grow as a project manager and how long does it take to be good in this role? What managerial titles do we have today? And what is the difference between a project manager, a program manager and a team manager?

All these questions - and much more - are answered by Rachel. 

#107: Interview with Rachel Kindt

Finally, Rachel closes the episode sharing three tips for people applying for project manager roles:

  • Learn the language of project management.

  • Look at what you have done that is already project management.

  • Focus on the people’s aspect of the work you have done versus the technical aspect.

Listen to this episode to get inspired by Rachel’s journey and her valuable tips for a successful project management career path.

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