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#106 João Graça Story

Dr. João Graça holds a PhD in Biosciences from Cardiff University and currently is an R&D Project Manager at LIPOR. In this episode, he shares his career story and looks back on his journey holding several roles in different Life Science fields and in different countries.

Published onFeb 11, 2022
#106 João Graça Story

João Graça holds a PhD in Biosciences from Cardiff University and currently works as an R&D Project Manager for LIPOR, the entity responsible for waste management in Greater Porto (Portugal). His current projects mostly concern the valorisation of bio-waste to high-value products.

João has been involved in the creation and coordination of Smart Waste Portugal Young Professionals (SWYP). This group, currently with 80 members, aims to create work and knowledge sharing networks between professionals working or interested in the circular economy.

Prior to his current role at LIPOR, João has attained different positions in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries including Biological Scientist at LIG Biowise (UK), Early Stage Researcher at AstraZeneca (UK) and Research Intern at Anacor Pharmaceuticals (USA).

In addition to the PhD, João also holds a BSc in Biosciences from the Catholic University of Portugal and a MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Porto.

In this episode, João tells us about his career story and professional journey, holding several roles in different Life Science fields and different countries. He talks about the reasons that led him to do a PhD, as well the opportunities and challenges encountered along his path.

He closes the episode sharing valuable tips:

  • If you are not 100% set on an academic career, find an industry experience as soon as possible.

  • If you are considering a PhD position, make sure you have an affinity with your supervisor and future colleagues. It is also important to be fine with working conditions, infrastructure, resources and city. 

  • Participate in work groups of your topics of interest.

  • Do not be afraid to contact researchers or interesting entities to get to know more about their work and to work in collaborations.

  • If you are finishing or have just finished your PhD and are set on breaking from academia, first explore what career options are available, get information and talk with professionals from different areas. Define the area to pursue and develop the requirements to break into that area.

To know more about João’s story and the opportunities in the Life Science fields, please listen to this episode.

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