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#95 Laura Pozzi Interview

Dr. Laura Pozzi holds a Life and Biomolecular Science PhD, and works as a Scientific Writer for a Swedish Biotech. In today's episode Dr Pozzi shares with us how she stepped out of academia and started a new career.

Published onMar 13, 2020
#95 Laura Pozzi Interview

In this podcast, Tina Persson, the founder of PhD Career Stories has an interesting interview with Dr. Laura Pozzi, who is currently working as a Scientific Writer for a Swedish Biotech, Atlas Antibodies, in Stockholm. Her role involves content creation and scientific marketing communication. Laura received her Ph.D. in Life and Biomolecular Science at the IRCSS-Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan in 2011.  After her graduation, she joined the Neuroscience Department at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, where she worked as a postdoc until 2017. Her research interest focused on the identification of the molecular aspects of brain disorders.

If you are curious about how Laura stepped out of academia and started a new career, please listen to this episode. If you also have a story to be told or if you know someone, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy Listening!

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