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#01 First episode ever by PhD Career Stories: Tina Persson Story

On this very first episode of “PhD Career Stories”, Tina Persson talks about her career story and how her experiences inspired her to start this podcast. We learn how Tina, after years in academia, finally found her dream job as a Professional Academic Career Coach.

Published onJul 22, 2016
#01 First episode ever by PhD Career Stories: Tina Persson Story

On this very first episode of our new podcast “PhD Career Stories”, Tina Persson talks about her career story and how her experiences inspired her to start this podcast. We learn how Tina, after 20 years in academia, finally found her dream job as an Professional Academic Career Adviser and Coach supporting PhD students, researchers and professionals to find career possibilities.

After 20 years in academia, I was desperately fighting in getting my first job and I felt that no one understood my situation. I felt alone with my story.

However, when I was working as a recruiter I used to share my story at seminars and I then realized that many PhDs shared the same feelings I once had, being unemployed or lost in their career development. The feeling of not knowing what to do next, the feeling of never getting a job, the feeling of I am not good enough, the feeling of no one wants to hire me, the feeling of just getting too many no’s or the feeling of being misunderstood.

I now know that there is no secret trick or any specific personality required for building a successful career after a PhD. All PhDs are unique with their own stories. Stories that I have been longing to tell for a long time.

The PhD Career Stories project is a dream project I started to plan 12 years ago. I never wrote the book I had planned. Instead my dream of writing a book was transformed into a dream of starting a podcast – the PhD Career Stories podcast – a dream that is now coming true!

– Dr Tina Persson, Career Coach

Maria Nilson:

Love this format! Great to hear from other women PHD! Regards from Sweden