#059: Tips&Tricks Tina Persson: on taking a postdoc position after a PhD

In this episode, Dr. Tina Persson — founder of “PhD Career Stories” podcast, Global Academic Career Coach, owner of the company “Passage2Pro”, recruitment expert and former assistant professor at the Lund University — discusses the question that every PhD faces sooner or later in the academic career: “Should I make a postdoc or not?”

#099: Dr. Rui Cruz Story

Welcome to a new episode of PhD Career Stories. In today’s podcast, Dr. Rui Cruz tells us about his career path and how he went from doing a PhD in biomedical sciences to starting up his own company, called Connecting Biotech. He also shares with us valuable tips and lessons he learned along his journey.
To know more about Rui’s story, please listen to this episode. If you also have a story to be told or if you know someone willing to share his story, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy listening.