Stories – episode guide

Stories are episodes of PhD Careeer Stories where the podcast is joined by someone kind enough to share their PhD career story.

Johanna HavemanEpisode #13: Johanna Haveman’s story
January 6, 2017 Dr Johanna Haveman tells her career story and how she today, working as as a Trainer and Consultant in Science Communication, is able to combine her passions in life: science, human rights and the environment.

Ania GruszczynskaEpisode #9: Ania Gruszczynska’s story
November 11, 2016 Dr Ania Gruszczynska tells her story about her career transition from a PhD focused on gay and lesbian movements in Poland to her current position as an IT Project Manager in the IT Department at Birmingham City University.

Kyriaki Liadaki#7: Samer Yaminne’s story
October 13, 2016 This episode features Samer Yammine that has one foot in academia and the other foot in the biotech industry and the startup world.

Kyriaki Liadaki#5: Kyriaki Liadaki’s story
September 16, 2016  Kyriaki Liadaki tells her story about her life changing decision to leave academia and become a Math/Science Teacher at a bilingual school in Stockholm.

michele_manzo#3: Michele Manzo’s story
August 19, 2016  Michele Manzo tells the story about his journey from academia to industry.

tina_persson#1: First episode ever by PhD Career Stories
July 22, 2016  Tina Persson talks about her career story and how her experiences inspired her to start this podcast.