#046: Magnus Eneberg Story

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Magnus_EnebergDr Magnus Eneberg defended his PhD thesis Beyond the Product – Enabling Design Services in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises at Lund University in 2015. After working as a controller for a couple of years, Magnus returned to academia by studying theory architecture and design management. The latter led him into projects that had a focus on innovation with a design perspective. Currently, Magnus holds a position as a researcher, lecturer and project manager at KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm.

In this episode he will tell you about his journey from being a PhD student to working as a service designer in a public organization within healthcare. Magnus reflects over the differences between academia and the “real world” and how one can translate ones academic skills to the skills one need to work in a company or organization.

Becoming a PhD student gave me the opportunity to explore not only the subject area of design, and innovation, organization learning, but also myself. Digging into the ontology and epistemology – it was great time to look at how I view the world, to put words on who I was or who I am.

– Dr. Magnus Eneberg, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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#044: Wolfgang Nellen Story

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In episode #44 of PhD Career Stories, we are very happy to welcome Professor Wolfgang Nellen to the show. Professor Nellen was born in 1949 in Velbert, Germany, and has during his academic career worked in USA, Germany, Jordan, Japan, Sweden and Indonesia.

As of 2015, Professor Nellen holds a Johann Gottfried Herder Fellow of the DAAD and is currently working as a Guest Professor at Brawijaya University in Malang, Indonesia.

Listen to his fascinating life story in which he generously shares his experiences and thoughts on moving on from student to professor and how that changes your duties.

Interestingly the interviews were like a traveling circus. It was almost always the same applicants but each time one less, this one had won the previous position. Even though we were competitors it was a rather relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone was quite positive that he or she would make it sooner or later. This is probably very different today and much more tuff.

– Professor Wolfgang Nellen, Guest Professor at Brawijaya University in Malang, Indonesia

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#042: Tips&Tricks Anestis Dougkas: how to best prepare for an international career

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Anestis DougkasAnestis Dougkas returns for a tips & tricks-themed podcast on how you can prepare for an international career and become part of the global workforce. In episode #32 you can listen to his story on how his lifelong passion for chemistry has paved the way for his current position as a researcher in nutrition, health and eating behaviour in France.

Dr Anestis Dougkas is the researcher that take on the daily challenges in order to create a healthier world by making nutrition accessible. Currently, he is a Researcher in nutrition, health and eating behaviour at the Centre for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece with a four-year B.Sc. degree in chemistry with specialization in biochemistry and food chemistry. He then continued his studies and received a M.Sc. in food science and nutrition and a Ph.D. in nutrition, within the Nutritional Research Group at University of Reading, UK. His Ph.D. work focused on the associations between consumption of dairy products and the risk of obesity. Specifically, he undertook epidemiological research and human dietary intervention trials, which investigated the effect of dairy on appetite regulation. In 2011, he got a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at Food for Health Science Centre, Lund University, Sweden.

My three tips: 1. Stay flexible. 2. Be smart about international assignments. 3. Network, network, network!

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#040: Lina Tengdelius Story

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Lina TengdeliusDr Lina Tengdelius holds a MSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Materials Science with specialisation in Thin Film Physics from Linköping University, Sweden. She recently transitioned from academia to a role as a Consultant Manager at Dfind Science & Engineering. She works with recruiting people with a science background and reads a large number of CVs from PhDs every day.

Listen to her exciting story on how she landed her current position and what her experiences on “the other side” has taught her about the recruitment process. In this episode, Lina also shares her best tips and tricks on how to market yourself efficiently when looking for a job in the Life Science industry.

Tina helped me realize that the personality traits that I had considered to be problems for most of my life could be my greatest strengths, and that I should look for a job that suited my personality instead of adapting my personality to a job that didn’t really suit me.

– Dr Lina Tengdelius, Consultant Manager at Dfind Science & Engineering

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#038: Katrin Franke Story

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Katrin Franke
Katrin Franke is Professor of Computer Science and Head of the NTNU Digital Forensics group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

In 2007 she joined the Norwegian Information Security Lab (NISlab) with the mission to establish research and education in digital and computational forensics. In this context she was instrumental in setting up the partnership with the Norwegian police organisations as part of the Center for Cyber and information Security (CCIS) at the NTNU Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK). Dr. Franke has 20+ years experiences in basic and applied research for financial services & law enforcement agencies (LEAs) working closely with banks and LEA:s in Europe, North America and Asia.

Dr. Franke is an alumni of the Technical University of Dresden in Germany with a major in electrical engineering. After graduating in 1994, Dr. Franke began to conduct research at the Fraunhofer IPK in Berlin, Germany where she worked until December 2006 as a scientific project manager. In 2005 she obtained her Ph.D. degree at the Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Dr. Franke has published more than 170 scientific articles including one patent. She is involved in the organisation of international conferences; the most prominent among them is the International Workshop on Computational Forensics (IWCF).

Katrin Franke is also an IAPR* Young Investigator Awardee in the year 2009. (* International Association of Pattern Recognition)

Getting a PhD is only level 1 in Super Mario. At level 2, we need to reorientate ourselves.

– Dr Katrin Franke, Professor of Computer Science at NTNU, Norway

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#036: David Alich Story

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David_AlichWhen attending the third Max Planck Career Fair at Harnack-Haus in Berlin earlier this fall, we got the chance to talk to Dr David Alich who works at Capgemini Consulting as Principal for Insight & Data. We talk to David about his decision to leave academia, what he wished he had known before he started his PhD at the Max Planck Institute and how he landed his current position at Capgemini.

I was always asking myself this question: Are you working to live or are you living to work?

– Dr David Alich, Principal Insight & Data at Capgemini Consulting, Hamburg

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#034: Susanna Bächle Story

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Susanna BächleSusanna Bächle is a scientist with a background in Immunology and Virology. Originally from Germany, she has lived, studied and worked in Germany, Australia, Sweden and the US. After graduating with a PhD in Medical Sciences from Karolinska Institute she moved to Boston (US) to pursue a career at the interface of science and business. At the moment she works for Addgene, a scientific nonprofit organization that aims to accelerate science by facilitating sharing of materials and information. She is passionate about science, innovation, entrepreneurship and global health.

To me a career path is not a line, it really is a zigzag, and often enough a random looking or even ‘lucky’ turn to a new job was determined by a meeting, a follow-up email, a networking event which seemed unimportant at the time but ultimately make up the many small necessary steps for shaping your own ‘luck’.

– Dr Susanna Bächle, Outreach Scientist at Addgene

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