Episode #18: Umesh Gangishetti’s story and tips

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In episode 18 of PhD Career Stories, Dr Umesh Gangishetti describes his transition from a PhD student working on Drosophila Embryogenesis to become a senior scientist conducting clinical studies on Alzheimer’s disease.



Hi my name is Umesh Gangishetti. I am from Hyderabad “A south eastern city in India and currently working as a Senior Scientist at Emory University in Altlanta, USA. Atlanta is at the East Coast, a city in Georgia State.

Today I would like to talk to you about my Journey in molecular biology and biochemistry career and how I transition into clinical sciences. During my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology I was working on Drosophila Embryogenesis and soon I got interested in different developmental pathways that are required for proper embryonic development. At this time, I had no clue about industry and clinical research and was only thinking of doing a postdoc and later continue within academia. Continue reading “Episode #18: Umesh Gangishetti’s story and tips”

Episode #17: Amanda Bengtsson’s story

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In episode 17 of PhD Career Stories, Dr Amanda González-Bengtsson shares the story of her transition from academia to industry.

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Dr Amanda González-Bengtsson is a Public Relations Manager at Stockholm University and her passion is to promote science and make it known in society and to stakeholders. She explains how she managed to get a lot of job offers after the PhD just by actually doing all those things that career advisors tell us to do. She hopes that all of you can benefit from listening to the podcast and that you will achieve great things in your life.

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I started a PhD because everyone told me I would not stand a chance without it. They told me I would not get any good jobs if I didn’t have a PhD. And looking back on it, I do agree with them.  Continue reading “Episode #17: Amanda Bengtsson’s story”

In the press: Universitätsläraren

In the press: Universitätsläraren

Yes! We are in the Swedish newspaper for university lecturers called Universitetsläraren. Read the interview with our founder Tina Persson in Swedish at universitetslararen.se/…


English translation:

Podcast supporting researchers who want to leave academia

Hello there Tina Persson, founder of PhD Career Stories, a podcast that supports and assists researchers who want to change their careers.

Text: Per-Olof Eliasson

What happens in the pod?
– Scientists and university teachers talk about their experiences after they defended. They also share tips and tricks on how to be successful in seeking jobs.
Continue reading “In the press: Universitätsläraren”

Episode #16: Fatma Guettou’s story and Tips & Tricks

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In episode 16 of PhD Career Stories, Dr Fatma Guettou shares the story of her transition from academia to industry and gives us a few tips and tricks on how to successfully complete the journey.


Dr Fatma Guettou is a structural biologist with a PhD in X-ray crystallography from Karolinska Institute.

After completing her PhD, Fatma moved to Munich for a postdoc position in the field of cryo-electron microscopy. However, she soon made a career transition to the industry and is currently working as a crystallographer at Medivir.

Fatma is involved in drug discovery projects where her main responsibility is to understand how proteins and drugs interact. The structural information generated by X-ray crystallography is very useful for the design of new and improved drug molecules.

In this “tips & tricks”-themed episode Fatma will share 4 tips that she found useful throughout her career pathway.

Episode #15 When writing about your research, mind your audience

Episode #15 When writing about your research, mind your audience

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johanna-havemann-900pxIn episode 15 of PhD Career Stories, Jo Havemann returns for a tips & tricks-themed podcast. In this episode, we learn more on why it is crucial to be aware of your audience when writing about your research. Continue reading “Episode #15 When writing about your research, mind your audience”

Episode #14: Tips and tricks on how self-assessment will help your career transition

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Tina PerssonIn episode 14, PhD Career Stories founder Tina Persson returns for another “tips & tricks”-themed episode. In this podcast, Tina shares her experience on how to get started with self-assessments and why it is important to grow your understanding about who you are and what you want and expect from your professional life to land your dream job. Continue reading “Episode #14: Tips and tricks on how self-assessment will help your career transition”

Episode #13: Johanna Havemann’s story

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Johanna HavemannDr Johanna Havemann works as a trainer and consultant in Science Communication for Universities and research institutions in Europe and Africa (access2perspectives.com). She obtained her PhD in 2009 from the Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, Germany. Her working experience covers NGOs, Science startups and international institutions including UNEP. Follow her tweets about #scicomm and other topics of interest at @johave. Continue reading “Episode #13: Johanna Havemann’s story”